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    For the Chemical Industry

    For the Chemical Industry
  • Spanish Contract Research Organization

    Specialized in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

    Specialized in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Organic Synthesis

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CIDQO belongs to e-Watts Technologies Group

We are a Research and Development Company specialized in pharmaceutical chemistry. We have a large expertise in organic and analytical chemistry, providing a good intellectual and technical approach in almost all kind of projects.

Our mission is to provide quality and personalized research and development services for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, helping and assisting them in the continue enhancement of their processes and in the growth of the company.

The main services CIDQO offers are focused in the synthesis chemistry, having an expert and experienced staff in order to offer best solution to each project. We offer a custom service to every client, adapted to their needs, taking care of the success and satisfaction of the clients.


  • Design of new synthetic routes for APIS, intermediates and bulk chemicals
  • Optimization of route of synthesis
  • “One-Pot” synthesis of multi-steps processes
  • Electrochemistry reactions, desalinization reactions and recycling of metal-containing reagents
  • Synthesis, isolation and elucidation of standards, impurities, metabolites and not commercially available products
  • Synthesis of opium derivatives, nucleosides, natural products and macrolides
  • Reactions with gases: high pressure hydrogenations, carbon monoxide, ammonia
  • Grignard & Organolytic reagents


  • Preparation of master and working standards
  • Development of analytical methods for HPLC
  • Validation of analytical procedures
  • Analytical services of IR, HPLC/MS, GC/MS and multinuclear NMR spectroscopy

CIDQO provides a full characterization report, including 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, UV, elemental analyses and HPLC/MS, attached to final report. This report is usually made up of the routes of synthesis, the experimental procedures, the analytical tests, the NMR assignments and the bibliography search.


Our main activity is the development of alternative routes of synthesis for obtaining APIs and their subsequent industrial scale-up

By combining the vast expertise of our scientists in both analytical and organic chemistry, not only at the laboratory and pilot plant but also on scale-up basis. CIDQO has also entered into cooperation agreements with University professors and scientists with long expertise in patent research and design of innovative chemical routes.


  • Organic Synthesis
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Intellectual Property Evaluation
  • Quality Assurance & Regulatory Support


  • New Synthetic Process Development
  • Process Optimization
  • Analytical Support
  • Waste Water and Residues Reduction


  • Kilo Lab & Pilot Plant facilities
  • Technology Transfer Expertise
  • Industrial Partners

CIDQO 2012, a R&D laboratory focused on the success and satisfaction of the client

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Cidqo present in CPHI Frankfurt 2017

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CIDQO has been granted the Innovative SME seal

CIDQO has been granted the Innovative SME seal

CIDQO has been granted the Innovative SME seal ( innovative small and medium enterprise ) by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and competitivity.

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